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for the 2016 release Excellent Freakwave WoWbagger again joined forces with Christoph Amann to record a collection of self penned songs about maritime and otherwise life, love and danger. also included is a cover of the resistance classic Bella Ciao. Released on In+Out records, Freiburg.
WoWbagger's Bob was recorded, mixed and mastered by Christoph Amann at Amann Studios, Vienna sometime in the mid-nineties.Released in 1998 it features 13 timeless Collapso Classics and is most definitetly dedicated to Mr. Robert Mitchum. The Songs include Mathilda, Creole Girl, Take Me, Browskin Girl, Mother And Wife, Jamaica Farwell, Beauty Is Only Skin Deep. Jean And Dinah, Not Me, Come Back Lisa, Cocoanut Water as well as WoWwbagger's own Collapso and Carlotta.
eternity since 1993
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Viennese Guitarist and Songwriter Vodnyansky is now joined by Lothar Scherpe, known for his film scores, Nigerian percussionist Moses Afany and South African drummer Lennie Dickson for a tight set including songs from his two self-produced records for a better heartbeat & short legs and wide stance as well as songs from his first record the sundowners  on Austrian Records in 2014. Also on the setlist are songs from the new CD CO/OP Street, some cover versions and probably a song written on the way to the show. African drumming beats Euro-Depression  Songs from the nowhere land amid Howe Gelb and Tom Waits…Or, as a critic once wrote: considering  the feel of some of Wim Wenders’ work Short Legs & Wide Stances is no weary Don't Come Knocking but definitely Paris, Texas… 
all photos by Eckhart Derschmidt ©2017